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5th Annual HST Member Rally: May 26-29, 2010 in Napa Valley, CA

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  Come Meet the Harley Shop Talk Member that created the "Baby Bagger"



  Parts & Mods:

5-gallon FLHX fuel tank and dash; FLHT rear fender (modified to fit the Sportster); bagger saddlebag guards, supports & rails and custom made, frame welded brackets; Sportster frame modified to relocate rear shocks to fit the shock grooves in the dresser saddlebags (which even improve the ride quality!); bagger outer fairing and modified fairing brackets; stock bagger bars; forward controls; custom made header pipes which have a rear cylinder crossover to accommodate a pair of Rinehart Slip-ons; and a complete set of quick-disconnect hardware for chopped tour-pack in the solo position.

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Sportster Evolution

Major Milestones in Sportster History


1957  -  Ironhead overhead-valve engine introduced.


1972  -  Ironhead 1000cc overhead-valve engine replaces 900cc.


1986  -  Evolution engine introduced in 883cc and 1100cc sizes.


1988  -  1200cc engine replaces 1100cc engine.


1991  -  Five-speed transmission replaces four-speed transmission.


1991  -  Belt drive replaces the chain on 883 Deluxe and all 1200 models.


1993  -  Belt drive made standard on all Sportsters.


2004  -  New frame includes rubber-mounted engine to lessen vibration.


2005  -  Rear axle enlarged to 1" for increased stability.


2006  -  Helical cut transmission gears introduced to reduce gear whine.


2006  -  XR1200 is first Harley to use Down Draft DDFI II fuel injection.


2007  -  Fuel injection replaces carburetors.


2007  -  Nightster is released with old school factory bobber styling.

Sportster Knucklehead          Sportster Ironhead          Sportster Evolution

Sportsters have been in continuous production since their introduction in 1957 - making them the most durable line of Harley's storied history!


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